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We’re sure that some of you guys have seen on the TV in the past where people try to raise money for a charity or for a cause live on television. Now it seems that Facebook wants to bring that same functionality to its Facebook Live videos by adding a Donate button to videos and posts.


According to Facebook, “In June, we started helping people raise money through Fundraisers for an initial group of nonprofits directly on Facebook. Today we’re expanding these tools so people can fundraise for more than 750,000 nonprofits and add a donate button to Live videos and posts.”

The company also adds that they’ll be kicking off this new feature for the Movember movement. “For the month of November, people in the U.S. can use Facebook to collect donations and increase awareness for their Movember Foundation campaign in support of men’s health. They’ll be able to sync their fundraisers then raise money through both Movember.com and Facebook.”

As the company notes, they have created various avenues for fundraising in the past, so this isn’t exactly a new endeavor. However the live donation button is and it will be interesting to see how brands or celebrities will try to leverage it for various causes in the future.



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