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Windows 10 for Nonprofits

In case your non-profit are not using any free operative system like the ones based on Linux (we strongly suggest the Ubuntu distribution), you might be interested in this.

Upgrade Your World

Windows 10 was built to help people do great things. Whether creating opportunities for youth, saving the environment, fighting hunger, or inspiring the creation of new technology – Windows 10 is built for those who do. It was built for people and nonprofits like you, who are changing the world.

On July 29th, Windows 10 became available for nonprofits across the world. We have made sure that you can get the free upgrade, regardless of what version of Windows you are currently running. See below for details on what you can get and how you can get it.

What You Get

HOME. Windows 10 Home is the mainstream consumer-focused edition of Windows 10, offering a familiar and personal experience that will be updated with the latest security features on an ongoing basis.

PRO. Windows 10 Pro is designed for small and medium organizations. It enables organizations, like nonprofits, to manage devices and apps, protect data, facilitate remote and mobile scenarios as well as take advantage of the cloud technology. You get the latest security and feature updates on an ongoing basis, while having an ability to install new feature updates after those have been validated in the broad market.

ENTERPRISE. Windows 10 Enterprise builds on Windows 10 Pro by adding more advanced features designed to address the needs of large and mid-size organizations. Examples include advanced protection against modern security threats, broadest range of options for OS deployment and update, as well as comprehensive device and app management. You get the latest security and feature updates on an ongoing basis, while having the ability to choose the pace at which you adopt new technology.


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