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Are you a nonprofit looking for skilled volunteers or maybe you would like to volunteer and use your skills for good?

More than 4 million professionals like them have expressed interest in joining a nonprofit board or doing skills-based volunteering – or both.

What do 140,000 marketers, 4,000 Googlers, and 170,000 C-level executives have in common?
Answer: They all want to use their skills for good!

As a professional, you can signal you want to use your skills for good on your LinkedIn profile by checking the boxes for “Joining a nonprofit board” and/or “Skills-based volunteering” in the Volunteer Experience & Causes section. If you’ve already done that, try searching for volunteer opportunities in your area.

For nonprofit organizations, LinkedIn made it quick and easy to find professionals who are eager to help. Use the Advanced Search tool to find these talented needles in the haystack.

Check out the infographic below for more, or visit nonprofit.linkedin.com.



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