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Crowdfunding is more and more used by non-profit organizations as a form of fundraising that helps them expand their reach and find new donors.  It is an effective tool that enables passionate nonprofits supporters to meet and exceed their goals of raising money for the causes they cherish more. And build awareness.

Crowdfunding can be easily incorporated into a fundraising program, but it is important to understand how it works and how to take full advantage of it to make a campaign a success.

crowdfundingFirst of all, you need to have a strong community around your nonprofit and an engaged targeted audience. Crowd participation, in fact, enables to create an exclusive community of ambassadors for your organization, which can be particularly powerful if you take full advantage of online communities and social networks.

Visibility is key, and you need your story to go viral. A strong messaging strategy aligned with your audience enables the audience itself to communicate the services of your organization and the social impacts of the donations.

People want to know about the effects of their donations, and there are powerful tools like videos, for instance, that help you create an emotional response for your campaign.

Here are some examples of successful campaigns. One of these is Kinyei, a social enterprise based in Battambang, Cambodia, which includes a coffee shop, a bike tourism business and employment training. Founded by two Australians and an American, Kinyei have launched a campaign to raise funds that would allow them to  upgrade the coffee-making facilities of the café, and to hand the ownership of the café over locals. Their crowdfunding campaign successfully managed to raise over $18,000 to fund this crucial transition period.

There are several websites in the internet that provide crowdfunding platforms. Many of them charge some money, but there are some interesting platforms available for free. Kapipal is one of these. An international platform that allows to raise money for personal crowdfunding, including projects and charity.

Sponsume is a free and open fundraising platform for creative projects based in the UK and Europe. It is free of charge and welcomes applications from individuals and organizations for artistic, entrepreneurial and social projects.

Have you or your nonprofit used a crowdfunding campaign yet?


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