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With the right technology in place, nonprofits can do a lot to make a tangible difference in the field where they are active.

Google is very sensitive to this matter and makes available the power of their tools to support organizations and helping them to increase their impact.

You are changing the world. We want to help. They say when presenting their Google for Nonprofits program which gives access to a number of products highly discounted or entirely for free. The aim is to enable organizations to reach a wider audience of potential new donors and volunteers and to spread their message and mission.

On their website www.google.com/nonprofits you can navigate through online tips, tutorials, and the stories of nonprofits which are already benefiting from the power of:

Google Ad Grants – to reach and engage your supporters with free online advertising

Google Wallet – to drive more donations

Google Apps for Nonprofit  – to increase productivity in a smart and cost-efficient way

Google Earth Outreach – to use geo tools online to reach and grow your audience

YouTube for Nonprofits  – to use videos to show your nonprofit in action

Google+ – to engage on social media

Google Analytics – to understand how donors and the public interact with your website

Google for Nonprofits

Even though the full package program is currently only available in the US, England, and Wales, individual nonprofit product are available in selected countries and they still make it a valid and extensive array of offering

To qualify, organizations have to go through an application process, in order to certify their status of charity (based on specific countries requirement).

Nonprofit Action can help you nonprofit on a one-to-one basis in implementing all this.
Contact us if you would like to get more details and info.


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