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NonProfit Action meets Nero E Non Solo!Some weeks ago we got introduced to the Italian nonprofit Nero e non solo! by Fausto Napolitano, a communication specialist from Caserta.

We have been very interested in their stories and carefully listening to what they do and the challenges they constantly face.

Nero e non solo! is operating since 1991 is in Caserta (Italy), promoting integration and the peaceful coexistence of different cultures.

They propose a practical coexistence between the community and immigrants, in order to lead them to become an active part of social life.

To get there they deal on a daily basis with different areas of immigration through educational courses in schools, youth international exchange programs, creation of libraries and multi-cultural centers, exhibitions on immigration and social development, meeting centers for seasonal workers, legal aid, Italian courses, European Voluntary Service projects, research and publications on immigration, photographic exhibitions and international policy proposals on issues related to immigration and people exploitation.

They are based in the deconsecrated church of S. Elena, open to people of every ethnicity, religion, political position, a real center of aggregation.

We are really looking forward to partner with them and help them out with our technical and online marketing expertise!


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