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Soft Power Education Dec newsletter

One of the first NonProfit Action project came from Tom’s volunteering experience in Uganda last September with Soft Power Education.

We are helping them out mainly with online advertisement and Google Grants. Their website is now getting more then 5000 additional visits per month coming from the Google Adwords campaigns (mainly focused on getting on board new volunteers and donations to support their work sustaining the 26 schools they are managing).

We just received their December newsletter where they outline the support provided and their appreciation. We’d like to thank Soft Power for the great experience provided and particularly for the great job they are constantly doing in Uganda since 1999.

Tommaso Iadicicco not only fundraised over $5000 but in addition this will be matched by his employer – Google! Tommaso also gave us some great support in developing our branding, social media presence and generally making things a little more efficient!

Tom focused on different areas, mainly involved in the following:

– Social media updates and scheduling
– Photos of department/group members
– Marketing material, headed papers / fonts / standard of different documents
– Newsletter and email signature
– Bonuses, awards, review periods, targets, contract update (inflation can be 27% y/y)
– Employee survey
– Google for nonprofit: Google Apps for Education, Google Grants, YouTube for nonprofit
– Fundraising update and Google matching
– Internal communication (very tricky with 26 schools and the most of people not being able to access the internet)
– Computer classes
– Special Needs clinic support providing assistance fro mentally and phisically disabled children

You can find more details on his photography blog at http://blog.unusualfocus.com/tag/uganda/
A detailed report will be published on the NonProfit Action website as well.

We’ll keep working with Soft Power Education in the future and we will keep you posted about all initiatives.
Again, enjoy the Xmas break and keep an eye on future updates! ;)


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