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We are a Nonprofit Too!

Our mission is to connect your nonprofit with technology and develop its online presence.

nonprofit technology and toolsNonProfit Action is working to maximize every nonprofit and NGO potential through online resources and technical knowledge.

Your nonprofit, charity or NGO is working hard to make a positive impact on its community, and technology can help extend your reach. But when most of your funding goes toward accomplishing your mission, there is not always enough left over to be reinvested or for your technology needs. Both time and money are involved, with technology you can save both. You can also get more people onboard to join your cause with the help of our online marketing team.
That is where we come in. All services and support are absolutely free for recognized nonprofits and NGOs worldwide.

The idea was just born, stay tuned for the official launch and updates.

If you would like to help out with your ideas, enthusiasm and expertise, please get in touch. We need your help!


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